Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Best Damn Thing" Is Classic Avril With A Few New Twists

With her third studio release, Avril Lavigne seems to be continuing on the superstar's path that she found herself on way back in 2002 with the single "Complicated."

The Canadian signer-songwriter, who is only now in her early 20s, has made some interesting moves in her newest musical undertakings. The biggest difference is, as Lavigne has grown up, we've also come to see her grow as an artist. In many of the tracks from her newest release "Best Damn Thing," the music plays out with the sounds and lyrical style she's become known for. But, there are also a number of tracks with a new and interesting twist.

Probably the best songs an the album are "Runaway," "Innocence," Girlfriend" and "Contagious." These range from featuring strong beats and the typical Avril style ("Runaway"), to soft and powerful ballads ("Innocence"), to more fun and energetic sounds ("Girlfriend" and "Contagious").

But as with just about any album, there are a few songs that just really do not quite stand out among the rest.

Her least impressive effort by far is "I Don't Have to Try," featuring what seems to be some sort of experiment gone wrong. "Keep Holding On" and I Can Do Better" are a bit to basic and mechanical respectively.

Overall, "Best damn Thing" is yet another good showing by a truly talented young lady who likely has many years of a solid career ahead of her.

I'd rate this album 3.5 out of 5 or a solid B.

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