Friday, August 31, 2012

Avril Lavigne Excited That Rihanna Sampled I'm With You

One of the thrilling moments artists come across with involves revision of their songs. For them, this is an indication that they did a good job with their rendition that other artists get their inspiration from. Simply put, this tells that they have created an impact; their songs particularly.

This sounds true for Avril Lavigne. During an interview, Avril said that she was excited to listen to her song "I'm With You" being sampled in Rihanna's song "Cheers (Drink to That)" from her latest album "Loud". She added that it is one of her favorite songs; that she always love to include in her performance. She was impressed with Rihanna's performance saying that she's a great singer.

Why not a duet instead?

When asked why she was not invited over to come over the studio to sing it with Rihanna, Avril was told by the producers that the recording was already done. She said that when she listened to it, she was delighted. It didn't present any issue, in other words.

"I'm With You" is part of Avril's debut album back in 2002. The yodel hearde from this track made a strong impression compelling Rihanna to include it in her own song. Thus, this yodel made its own recognition of Avril's style in music. This particular song made it to the top 10 US chart. On the other hand, "Cheers (Drink to That)" is considered as one of Rihanna's most liked tracks on her latest album. The overall impact that it makes calls for celebration which tells the audience that weekend is just around the corner.

Commendation of each other

As an artist herself, Avril did not only get excited with the sampling of her song, she was also stunned by Rihanna's own twist made on her yodel. Both apparently share the same enthusiasm with music. On an interview, Rihanna said that she was just glad to use Avril's yodel as a sample saying that it made a huge impact on the instrumental part; that if not for the yodel, the whole vide would have sounded differently.

Rihanna had some collaboration with other artists such as Sean Paul Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Eminem and Maroon 5. Many fans were wondering what it would be like if Avril and Rihanna had a duet in her song Cheers (Drink to That). Well, if you like the rendition of Rihanna of this song, then you'd probably appreciate them singing together.

A comeback single will be released by Avril entitled "What the Hell". This track will be premiered on New Year's Rockin' Eve by Dick Clark. She described t as "more pop and un-tempo" while looking back at her old stuff. The singer/songwriter/fashion designer shared that in her next album, Goodbye Lullaby, her fans can expect a material that's "more stripped and raw and a little deeper".

The tracks included on the album are "I Love You", "Push", "Wish You Were Here", "Stop Standing There", and a whole lot more to look forward to! Some said that Avril's failed marriage translated to this new album. Let's just wait for the release.

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