Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Avril Lavigne Let Go Album

So what happens when you cross a young Canadian 17 year old with a t-shirt, dickies and a guitar? The answer to that question is pure magic! In the few years since a young Avril Lavigne released the album "Let Go" it has become quite apparent that she is not the one hit wonder than many people might have thought. With the release of her first sing "Complicated" at such a young age and during the MTV Total Request Live "Bubble" Avril found herself getting stereotyped and categorized into a group with the likes of Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlson. With the later release of "Sk8er Boi" Avril was able to separate herself from the pack of TRL's other female artist and found herself being compared to more established female artist and fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette.

As some people reviewed her albums they even said that they preferred her music and abilities over that of Alanis. Nobody knows if it was the way that this talented singer/songwriter and guitar player poured her heart and soul into the album "Let Go" or if it was the fact that it was full of the type of teen angst that everyone can relate to but either way nobody could question the fact that Avril had gone from a no name to a household name in a very short amount of time.

When questioned about the success of her album "Let Go" Avril said that a lot of hard work by many, many people helped this record come about. Throughout the duration of a year she worked with several different songwriters and producers and wrote tons of songs. During that time she was able to do a lot of finding herself musically, and trying as hard as possible to find people that she could connect with while finding just the right sound that she wanted to go with. She said that despite the struggle in the beginning she was really, really pleased with how the record turned out in the end, judging by the millions of copies of her album "Let Go" that have sold worldwide since its release in June of 2002 she is obviously not the only one who was pleased with the end result of all her hard work.

The release of Let Go was so successful in fact that she took the world by storm with her world tour titled "Try to shut me up" which was a huge success. For those of you who may have missed her amazing world tour I would definitely recommend taking a look at her My World DVD which was released in the fall of 2003 which features live versions of Avril Lavignes hits including Complicated, Sk8er Boi as well as cover tunes like Green Day's Basket Case.

She has definitely come a long way since her days of singing about not fitting in, her crushes and her heart being broken and there seems to be no end in site.

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