Thursday, September 27, 2012

Avril Lavigne: A Talented Singer Who Understands the Importance of the Voice and Lyrics in a Song

Avril Lavigne's background is that she is a Canadian-born artist who came into the music scene with the release of her first album at the age of 17. In 2002 her "Let Go" album went 6x Platinum, in 2004 her "Under My Skin" album went 3x Platinum, following that was "Best Damn Thing" which was also a Platinum best seller and her "Goodbye Lullaby" album is off to a roaring good start. At the last count she has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide.

Some of my favorite songs are "I Love You," "I Will Be," "When Your Gone," and "Keep Holding On." Her songs have graced the movie soundtracks of such feature films as Sweet Home Alabama, Bruce Almighty, Legally Blond 2, The Princess Diaries 2, and The House Bunny. Her album "The Best Damn Thing" includes the epic ballad "Keep Holding On" which Lavigne wrote at the request of 20th Century Fox for the studio's fantasy/adventure film Eragon.

One of Avril's biggest selling records was a No.1 single called "Girlfriend" that was the top digital track of 2007 selling more than 7.3 million downloads in eight languages. And if that isn't enough this multi-talented singer also has her own clothing line brand called (Abbey Dawn) and two fragrances called (Black Star and Forbidden Rose). Kohl's department stores carry her line of fragrances.

When I first saw her on the Today show there were certain things that appealed to me. She has a good personality and she was friendly. Not every performer has those traits. Also she was very comfortable as a performer. In other words she fits on the stage in her surroundings with ease. A past performer on American Idol named Crystal Bowersox also has that comfortable feeling when performing. When an entertainer has that trait, it rubs off on the audience in a positive way.

I remember reading that when Avril first started out she refused to resort to the allure of skin-baring, preferring to entice the record buying public with her voice, high-spirited melodies, and straight talking lyrics. Sadly it seems that in this day and age much attention is given to glitz, pizazz, and skin-baring rather than the quality of the singer's voice, the lyrics and the music. The fact that Avril has taken her career seriously and knows the right things to concentrate on is most assuredly admirable for this delightful singer.

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